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Milton's Legacy

Animated Film
Designed at Bluecadet
Motion Design by Devon Burgoyne & Siji Chen
Design by Alyssa Hamilton, Natalie Harris & Jillian Hammer
Art Direction by Alyssa Hamilton
Content Development by Jordan Klein
Creative Direction by Aaron Richardson
Project Documentation by Dan King

The Milton Hershey School was founded by the famous chocolatier to benefit low-income children. We designed a brand new visitor center to reintroduce themselves and their mission to the world. 


Milton's Legacy is an animated film in the school's Rotunda telling the story of Milton's life and how he came to found  the Milton Hershey School.

Film Setting

The film is projection-mapped onto the second largest rotunda in the country. Using animation and lighting, the lines between the film and the architectural canvas are blurred, creating stunning illusions.

Film & Style Overview

The film's visual design and storyline was inspired by the medallion embedded in the rotunda's floor. The medallion depicts Milton's life from early childhood to the founding of the school.

The medallion's imagery is a mosaic made from cut stone. The tactile quality of the mosaic inspired the color palette and collage-style approach to the film, which blends archival imagery, scanned cut paper and various hand-made textures.

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