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God Couldn't Be Everywhere...That's Why He Made Momma

Exhibition Identity  •  Print  •  Installation Graphics
Project Credits
Film Co-Director & Writer: Salome Sykes
Film Co-Director & Editor: Lendl Tellington
Exhibition Design & Installation by Salome & Lendl
Exhibition displayed at Creative Alliance in Baltimore, Maryland.

As they realize they could lose their matriarch's home, a brother and sister turn the camera on their great-grandmother, Nannie, and her nine descendants in order to reimagine their family’s legacy. As the siblings sift through memories and history, they chronicle the ingenuity of generational single Black motherhood and grapple with its inheritance.


I collaborated with Lendl and Salome to create a visual identity for the exhibition and film, along with print materials and installation graphics. Additional images from the exhibition can be seen here.


Installation Graphics

In addition the the introductory wall text, I designed a custom wallpaper with hand-drawn illustrations of each family member and objects meaningful to Nannie. Each is framed by a laurel of Virginia Bluebells, which Nannie loved. The wallpaper was incorporated into a projected mural graphic in the installation.


Exhibition Identity

The identity combines visual elements from various historical eras to represent the multiple generations and physical locations present in the film and exhibition. Family photos and illustrations of Virginia Bluebells are punctuated with bold, slightly off-kilter typography.

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